Vice-President of the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc.

Associate Professor Rosemary Nixon

Associate Professor Rosemary Nixon AM is the only Australian dermatologist who is also qualified in occupational medicine. She established Australia’s first Occupational Dermatology Clinic in 1993, initially at Monash Medical Centre, which transferred to the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc. in 2001.

Associate Professor Nixon also established the Occupational Dermatology Research and Education Centre (ODREC) in 2001, based at the Foundation. She has patch tested thousands of patients and has been a member of the International Contact Dermatitis Research Group since 2008.

Associate Professor Nixon has been involved in the Asia-Pacific Environmental and Occupational Dermatology group since biennial meetings commenced in 1991. Recently she visited East Timor and has assisted the local dermatologists to attend international meetings.

Associate Professor Nixon is a previous State Faculty Chair, Examiner and Convenor with the Australasian College of Dermatologists. She is currently the Vice-President of the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc.